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Date: 21/6/2020

Speaker: Pastor Nehemiah Edem

Topic: God is Just

Text: Deut. 32:4

God is Just

This is one of the attributes of God. This attribute of God has a very deep meaning in relation to our salvation. When we understand the justness or justice of God, we will thank and appreciate Him the more.

Trò chơi dễ thươngThe bible reveals to us that God is Just. Deut. 32:4 (read KJV, NIV & NAS). In this scripture we also see other attributes of God.

What does it mean to say God is just? It means that God is fair and impartial. God is no respecter of persons (Act 10:34).

Trò chơi dễ thươngThat God is just means that God hates the ill-treatment and oppression of other people. God hates cheating, lying and other forms of mistreatment of others.

Trò chơi dễ thươngBecause God is just, He acts as a judge; judging between right and wrong and He administers justice according to His righteous standards. The bible says that God is our judge, Isa.33:22, He judges our motives and actions 1 Sam 2:3, and rewards us accordingly. If we know that our actions are judged, let us be careful what we do.

Trò chơi dễ thươngThe fact that God is just and also a righteous judge should give you some comfort if you are facing one challenge of injustice or the other, knowing that God’s righteous judgment will prevail in the situation (Psa 96:13; 98:9). However, you have to ask Him in prayer to intervene.

Trò chơi dễ thươngGod is just and a judge of all the earth who judges righteously. Please consider the following scriptures.

  1. Gen 18:25
  2. Psa 58:11
  3. Psa 96:13
  4. Eccl 3:17
  5. Heb 12:23

Trò chơi dễ thươngGod deals with us on the basis of His love, mercy and justice – a combination of His attributes.


Knowing God as a just God, what is expected of us as His children, made in His image and likeness?

1. We are expected to imitate our Father in being fair and impartial to all, Eph. 5:1 NIV.

Trò chơi dễ thương2. We are expected to treat people fairly and impartially, Micah 6:8.

3. We are expected to do good to all, including those who mistreat us. John 13:34; Lk 6:27-28

May the Lord help us to be like our Father.

Remain Blessed, Rapturable and Stay Safe in Christ.

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